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Alright...(containing myself here) I HAD A BLAST!!! OK, better now

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I really had fun. And you know what? That stupidly simple meal was really good. My talking points? I know they buy the box of the same idea so...
The same idea as the box stuff without the preservatives.
Using 99% fat free beef broth
The evaporated milk adds creaminess to the dish and has more calcium and protein than whole milk. A plus for families with children
Change it up by adding different seasonings or cheese. Make it "your" own.
That type of thing and after each cooking segment I had to go shop the store to replace ingredients in the case that were sold. I was amazed! At the last demo in the evening was a young man (20's?) who took his sample plate and walked off. About 10 min. later he came back and took each item that he would need to make the meal. Cool huh? Anyway, it was fun. The only bad part is when I got the schedule. They only have me doing one day a week even though they told me they needed it covered 7 days and the lady who does it now has finely been hired at the Post Office but just 1 day a week. So those 2 days are still up. My manager has been fighting this for a long time evidently and only was forced to make the move to bring me on when his boss dropped by the store last week and found Apron's not covered. That big boss just happened to be there again yesterday. I'm thinking yesterday was a trial run to see how I did. I have no trouble with that...I did great. I feel just fine with how I did. Anyway, more than you all wanted to know. But I did look ahead to see what I will be doing in the upcoming weeks and they look pretty good. Should be a lot of fun. This is next weeks.

Link: Mustard and Brown Sugar Salmon with Herbed Rice

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