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Need your hl - trying to figure out how to do 'classes' & such to make money

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Posted to Thread #14202 at 4:13 pm on Mar 21, 2009

Since you all are scattered all over the place and I won't be competing for the same business, I am hoping you all will help me out here.

I want to offer 'food services' - cooking in people's homes, classes (mainly in individual homes as I don't have any other place), shopping, advising, etc. to pick up some income while I am laid off and looking for a job. And I even have a good shot at writing for a local publication some.

I know some of you do these things so I am asking for how you do it - what do you charge, terms such as min/max attendees, time, set up, menu/recipe ideas or themes. I know you have already forged the path so I am hoping yo can share some advice because at this point, I can't afford to lose money and I just don't have a lot of confidence in myself - I know I can do it but just don't feel 'confortable' I guess.


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