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Melissa Dallas

Report on cooking tongue

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Posted to Thread #14210 at 10:28 pm on Mar 22, 2009

For those of you who said they can't find it anymore, indeed my closest grocery no longer had it. The butcher tells me that a large percentage of it is being shipped to Asia now because it is great delicacy there. That is why the price is way up (I paid 2.99 a pound). Got one at Fiesta. Simmered like Julia suggests with cut up carrots, onions & celery & pickling spice. Cooled in broth, chilled and then sliced very thinly. I thought it was good but is maybe just one of those things I don't "get". I didn't dislike it (Granddad said it was great) but I'm not crazy about it either. I think I would like it better braised then cubed and cooked for lengua tacos in recipe I saw that added the tongue to tomatoes, onions, cilantro etc.

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