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Melissa Dallas

What to but at Costco if you live alone? I bought a membership so I could buy a

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Posted to Thread #14211 at 10:34 pm on Mar 22, 2009

cash card to send to my sister for her birthday because we were both curious. She got there before me and said that, unlike Sam's, everything was in large sizes (example-28 oz carton of pesto with expiration date only a month out) that she wouldn't be able to finish alone. She did buy a two pound bag of walnuts, a twenty-eight pack of V-8 and a pound of parmesano reggiano. I think the individually frozen chicken breasts sound good. I guess I'm just trying to revise my expectations of what to plan on buying there that is not too much for one person. Meat is not a problem-I don't mind buying large pieces of meat. Any ideas? She said that even the spices were in large containers.

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