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I buy almost all of my household cleaners and paper products there.

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The multi-carton chicken stock is a good one, usually the pull-date is pretty far out. I buy prime steaks and wrap them individually (usually 3 to 4 per pack). Vitamins are a really good buy, and I wait for coupons to replenish. The pharmacy -- usually the best prices (and you don't have to be a member to fill them). Tires! I just had to buy 4 tires for my Civic and they had a $70 coupon. Costco will rotate and balance them for free for the life of the tires. In Austin Costco sells Ruta Maya coffee in 2 pound bags -- if you like whole bean coffee it is really, really good, and much cheaper than you'd think. It is an Austin item, so I don't know if they have it in Dallas.

Also, their return policy is fabulous. I bought Dunkin'Doghnuts coffee and we didn't like it -- I took it back and was credited.

And ink for my inkjet computer. Not much cheaper than other places, but convenient.

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