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Help from you guys please....ideas and cooking classes.....

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Posted to Thread #14220 at 5:46 pm on Mar 23, 2009

all this chat with Missy...I too am so being pinched by the recession
(NO JOB this season at all since my return from Africa)
that I am seriously worried what is going to happen here....
folk are still coming to stay as they have booked already but they are not spending as much on the fun, frivoulous things here...and not everyone can go out to eat every night anymore...
I am thinking about these cooking classes wher by I take them to the market and home to cook etc..
BUT this is not Thailand, Sri Lanka etc where the food is exotic.....well not to me
I think it may be an appealing idea to some so I am asking your opinion on what kind of dishes you would like to learn...either at my home/kitchen or in their villas.....

I do not like the bland taste with hot sauce and stodgy stewy and many boned dishes we buy locally, however Suriname, Indonesian and local Creole are what is found here...

So any ideas on the subject????

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