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In my first ditty, I mentioned that a beach BBQ is always fun for folks. A good way to learn how to

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do fish, drink rum and just have a great time meeting people. So they could prepare the fish and veg with you, then meet up later on the beach around the fire.

Back in my old days in the Caribbean, when I was doing so much diving, my dive master and I became buddies above the water. We went fishing, carefully selecting the fish that were not reproducing at the time, and did his style of fish.

I've made it a few times for people who came to visit and they've all loved it. Very simple. But you probably have a special way of preparing there, that people would want to learn.

Another idea, depending on the volume of condo traffic, is to offer (to sell) small sizes of ingredients so that people don't lose an arm and a leg at the supermarkets buying 500 gm of something they will use once there, needing only 5 gm.

Oh, it all sounds so warm right now.

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