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Melissa, I've heard that a lot of the homeless feel safer on the street as opposed to a shelter.

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Posted to Thread #14211 at 3:34 am on Mar 24, 2009

They claim that they are more apt to get beaten or robbed in the shelters. Also, there's not enough room to handle all of the homeless and a lot of the mentally ill have no where to go but live outside. That's what I've heard about urban Philly and it's such a shame for these people.

I've worked in downtown Philly on and off for some thirteen years and I can still remember some of the regulars including the Duck Lady (I know...) who belonged in a mental institution. Rumor had it that she was well off and eccentric but I didn't think so...

I've read a lot on the homeless and it's interesting that all of these people come from all walks of life and how they got on the streets can happen to anyone.

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