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I've done exactly that in Mexico & Thailand. Sounds like a perfect fit!

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In Mexico, I did a 5 day class at Los Dos cooking school in Merida. Martha Stewart just profiled David. He was living in NY, went to Mexico and bought a villa. Subsidizes the cost by doing cooking classes and renting out two rooms. The great thing is, when he has company coming or other plans, he just blocks out those dates and doesn't do classes!

In Thailand, same thing. The guy started doing market tours followed by a cooking class.

Personally, I'd much rather take a cooking class than eat out or do many of the other tourist things. I'd never find many markets on my own and I can't tell you how much it added to my enjoyment and understanding of the culture having a local who is fluent in English explain things to me.

Keep in mind, what is not exotic to you, can be extremely exotic to me. It's not until I moved away from the midwest that I had many of my first food experiences: mango, the variety of chiles, a raw avocado (seriously!), squid, octopus, etc. Even things like feta and balsamic vinegar were new to me. Sometimes I feel like I was living under a rock, but you know, that's how enriching a new place can be.

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