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Oh, oh...that fits in perfectly with this lovely scene from "Stranger Than Fiction"

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[Harold Crick, an IRS auditor, has been auditing Ana Pascal, a bohemian baker who donates cupcakes to homeless folks and hates the Establishment. She was at Harvard Law student who dropped out to bake cookies. Ana's doing everything she can to make Harold's life miserable. However, when she finds out he's never had a homemade chocolate chip cookie, she gives him a warm one and he swoons. Then she softens toward him and packs up a small box. But he can't accept the cookies because he's auditing her. When he offers to buy them she gets angry at him, but Harold falls in love with her anyway.]

...[later that week]

Harold Crick: [runs up to Ana the baker carrying a box with 10 paper bags in it] <i>I'm glad I caught you. I wanted to give you these.</i>

Ana Pascal: <i>Wait, you can give presents, but not receive them? That sounds awfully inconsistent, Mr. Crick.</i>

Harold Crick: <i>Yes, but....</i>

Ana Pascal: <i>Wait, I know, I'll purchase them! Yeah, I'll purchase them.</i>
[reaches into her bag to grab her wallet]

Harold Crick: <i>No, no, no, no.</i>

Ana Pascal: [with wallet in hand, stops to actually look at the box] <i>What are they?</i>

Harold Crick: [quietly] <i>Flours.</i>

Ana Pascal: <i>What? </i>

Harold Crick: <i>I brought you flours</i>

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