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Posted to Thread #14220 at 4:42 pm on Mar 24, 2009

I just dropped your questions into here:

other source hereabouts for me to work from...all I can find on the web (all over the world) is the offer to stay and cook and these are quite expensive...

Na, you don't want people staying with you. You need to advertise locally. More on that later.

I want to offer just a morning/days do...I do have a studio for one couple which we could do a longer stay at a later date but for now I am thinking just of a day thing.

No, get those darn people out of there. Being a hotel would take the fun out of it. You'd have 2 sets of issues to care for.

Food is expensive here so I cant do it as cheaply as I see in Thailand for eg....

Don't I know it!!

how much would you pay for:
1......pick up at 9.30am a drive to the market some foods...I will have to have other foodstufs either soaking (like salt fish)
Pass by a smallholding for some veg/salad and back to my house.....Cook and eat from 11.30am, finish 2pm......

Seems like a quick eat and run at the end. Would that really be enough time? Could you arrange for one of the dive boat guys to pick these folks up at maybe 3 designated spots and drop them off there, and extend the afternoon another hour, for questions and relationship-building? The prearranged travel will prevent any stragglers at your place.

AND who pays for the ingredients?...some of these like crayfish is quite expensive...
A BIG help/suggestion on this please...

YOu pay for the indredients, but you set the price based on what they will be eating. And you have to let them know ahead, that crayfish will naturally be considered a luxury and the price reflects that. They can figure that out. do they get away from my house....I dont want to hit the traffic and take them home...

I love those dive boat guys. They're always williing. I imagine they have small buses for the dive operations? Or the small tourist buses.

3....I could do this in their villa/condo but so often I would have to lug loads of pots and pans...and then I would also have to wait till they finished eating to wash up/take my dishes home again.....(unless I use foil pans...could work for a few dishes).

I think you need to have decent supplies so people will realize that you know what you're doing. YOu never know what you're getting with someone else's abode. And condos are notoriously ill-equipped.

The fish here is dubious because of siguatura, we get most frozen....also we use frozen conch a lot as it is fished out...crayfish is hard to buy at the market, I'd organize that through another source.......

Ya, did I mention a lesson on testing barracuda for edibility? The conch is fished out all over the Caribbean; most seems to come from the Honduras. You could find one, however, just to show them how intersting it is to shell.

I have this idea so far (very loose)...

Met with a rum/fruit drink and the recipe

But they should watch you make it. Make it special!

Appertizer: Accras (salt fish balls...fried) with greens and dip. or Okra (lady fingers..fried)

Starter: Soup....pumpkin, (called punkin just north of you) sweet potato, or whatever.

Sounds good. Also marinated conch on crackers. (Do you think I love conch??) But are you going to demonstrate it for them? (there's another ecology lesson there about what happens with overfishing...a serious prediction expected to become a severe problem in 30 years worldwide)

I'm still thinking about more soups.

Entree: Fish, crayfish, conch curry, chicken curry salad or whatever.

Dessert: Ummmmmm, there are a few to choose from.

We grow our own coconuts so I thought I could get the gardener to show them how to open one ...use it too...or drink from it.

Make him a star. We all love him anyway. People love to do that with coconuts but don't know how. I always get a laugh when I see people paying $2 for coconuts at the supermarkets when they are falling free all around them. Give them a laugh as well.

We also grow some things we can pick but the garden is not prolific and does not produce loads for more than a few months.

A trip through your garden would be lots of fun.

This must be easy for them to do on their must pay me to do this and give them a good outing and meal.

I'll write up the fish 'recipe' shortly. It's very easy and they can be assured that it has a local flavour as it was taught to me by a local divemaster.

I think this needs lots of planning but you have a whole shoulder and low season to do that, don't you?


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