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I don't know what the relative prices are like where you are, but since you

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say it's expensive there, I'd expect to pay $85 all inclusive (transportation too, if it makes sense.) I've always had to provide my own transportation to the central meeting place, whether it's a tourist shop or the actual place we're cooking at.

In Mexico, David had cab drivers lined up (people he used regularly) to take us to the market and bring us back to where we are cooking. We met at the place of instruction for a light breakfast & coffee. Once everyone arrived, he'd give us a lowdown on himself, what we will be preparing for the day, and what is unique about the market we will be attending. He also gave everyone a short shopping list (he paid when we found it) but it was fun for us to have a particular eye in hunting for ingredients.

After the market, we'd come back, unload groceries and do our cooking demo. We'd end with with a seated dinner.

Also, in Paris, David Leibovitz does chocolate walking tours. He's got a 4 person minimum and charges something like $250 per person? I can't remember. Also, I'd grab the disclaimer from David's website:

As for the menu, do what makes sense and is intriguing, regionally. Some fish or shellfish would be nice (it is the islands, aferall) if you can get good stuff. Honestly though, as a student I'd be more focused on a regional tie in, whether it's pork, beef, really doesn't matter as long as it's good. You be the judge--especially based on food prices. The mark of any good chef is to figure out how to make good food with a liveable profit margin.

I think you can get lots of good info from the Los Dos Website. I've linked it here.


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