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Marg CDN

No I just mean getting the dive guys to do some driving. Don't they have little buses that they use

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for picking up divers from hotels?

Absolutely, I'd stay away from boats! Yikes.

Would you feel comfortable about having the class return to your place in the evening for a party for what you all made in the afternoon? I really really think you could charge a lot for this. You'd have to have people watching your worldly goods though.

I could see paying $35 per person for the class...and you'd have to give them something to eat and drink during the class, but not a lot. Then bringing back the spouses at $65 for the 2 of them, to eat dinner around the BBQ. Eating what you made in the afternoon.

Lots of people go to condos but don't know anyone around. That would be a good way of introducing them if you could get them at the start of the sojourn.

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