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I like the idea about the guided trip through the market. Here's what we did

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in cooking classes with Diana Kennedy that I went to in Oaxaca Mexico....

The first morning, we gathered at the kitchen where she was teaching, and she had a display of all the unusual ingredients (herbs, chiles, spices, etc) we would be cooking with. She talked about each ingredient and told us how to make a good selection of that ingredient at the market and pick the best and the freshest. How to tell if cheese was old or what to look for to tell if the chiles were old or moldy inside, that sort of thing.

Then she divided us up into groups, gave us some pesos and a shopping list. Her "helpers" took us to the market with our list (in Spanish, of course) and we purchased the ingredients on our list with the pesos she had given us. We all met back at the kitchen at a certain time. She then critiqued our purchases as to whether we had bought the right thing, how good a quality we had selected, and whether we got a good price. She then taught us how to cook a meal with the ingredients we purchased.

This was on day one of a 5-day series of classes. The students all got to know each other and it was very hands-on and really a lot of fun.

You may not have enough time for something like this, but maybe you will have some ideas on how to make it work.

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