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Teaching site: a gal in this town began teaching cooking classes in the kitchen and

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fellowship hall of her church. That area was rarely used from 10 AM until 1 PM on weekdays (her actual demos/classes ran from 10 AM until noon, and then we would begin chowing down on the cooked food about noontime so everyone was out no later than 1 PM) so was open practically whenever she wanted to reserve it. The church was most cooperative in letting her teach there as long as she cleaned the kitchen & eating area up and left them as spic and span as she found them plus there was a LOT of room for large groups. You might have to check around to choose the most student-friendly layout. I'll bet if you made a nominal donation most places would let you use their kitchen & fellowship hall facility even if you didn't happen to be a member of that particular church or denomination.

And teaching in a church would ELIMINATE your offering wine to drink so you wouldn't be laying out a ton of cash on that beverage like Joe is. LOL!

Aside: Joe, now that you've started that wine offering tradition it's gonna be next to impossible to stop it. Maybe you should think about limiting the class to one glass per person, or you'll always be working for free! People will sign up for your classes who have minimal interest in the culinary arts, but they simply heard through the grapevine that they can guzzle wine all evening in one of your classes for next to nothing.

Once the gal I knew from above began getting a decent following, she switched to renting commercial space for her cooking classes so she could serve wine with her menus, BUT she did, indeed, limit the alcohol to one glass per person per class.

Also, churches are cleared with their local Boards of Health so you don't have to worry about getting any of those folks after you.

I have taught individual classes, too, and been hired by catering clients who want some one-on-one attention and more hands-on experience with their own cooking appliances so I'll go into their homes to work. Of course, that works out to be a pretty hefty price tag for one person but some people are willing to pay for their private tutoring. One of my clients called a bunch of her friends and organized a private class at her own home so she could split my tab with a couple others, but she did all that admin work, collected the fees and wrote me a single check. I gave her a nosecount limit for the price I quoted, and we were off and running. I've had really good luck teaching a pie crust class and also a bread class to individuals (or to small groups) in private homes as people really need to see and feel the doughs in order to understand when things are ready for the next steps. I've also done classes on Appetizers, once a Champagne Brunch theme, Spring Teas, as well as various dinner and luncheon menus. A holiday brunch theme always goes over well in the fall and especially if it contains items that people can partially do ahead.

Hope some of this will be helpful to you. Wigs

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