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Marg, I was giving thought to two different recipes; rec: Red Snapper with Lobster Crepes from

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12 grapes. Link is the segment I saw on TV on Sunday...Looked really good! (There is a video clip, which I hope shows the end result)

(Want to use up all of FILs palicsinta!)

Red Snapper with Lobster Crepes
1 Fresh Red Snapper Filet (8-oz.)
Lobster Crepes (2)
Lobster Sauce (4-oz.)
Fried Leeks (4-oz)
Olive oil
1. Skin Red Snapper filet
2. Dredge in flour, enough to coat both sides
3. Heat oil in saute pan; add Red Snapper; saute on high heat 30 seconds per side; set aside 4. Place Red Snapper on over-proof tray; season with salt and pepper
5. Place crepes on same tray.
6. Place in preheated 400 degree oven for 12 minutes
7. Bring lobster sauce to a gentle boil, then turn off; keep warm
8. Ladle lobster sauce onto center of plate
9. Place both crepes in center of sauce.
10. Cut Red Snapper Filet in half and top the crepes.
11. Top snapper with handful of fried leeks.
Lobster Crepes (Yield 2 Crepes)
Crepes (2)
Mascarpone Cheese 2 tbs.
Lobster meat, chopped 4 oz.
Corn kernals, fresh 2 oz.
Blanches fresh spinach 4 oz.
Chervil, chopped pinch
1. Blanch spinach and cool
2. Place 2 crepes flat onto cutting board
3. Layer remaining ingredients, one at a time, onto crepes; mascarpone cheese, lobster, corn, spinach, pinch of chopped chervil
4. Fold each side of crepe into the middle and roll
Lobster sauce
Heavy cream 2 cups
Lobster stock 2 cups
Butter 2 oz.
1. Reduce heavy cream by half
2. Add lobster stock, then reduce by half again
3. Add butter and stir gently
Fried Leeks
1 Fresh Leek
Corn starch
Salt and pepper

1. Use only the white part of the leeks.
2. Cut in half and Julienne
3. Toss sliced leeks in cornstarch, enough to coat
4. Deep fry to a golden brown, about 1 minute
Note: 12 Grapes chef makes his own lobster stock; as a shortcut, you can buy lobster broth or lobster base

Link: Red Snapper with Lobster Crepes

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