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Newly retired hubbie got "sticker shock" when he saw we spent $625 on groceries

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Posted to Thread #15085 at 2:39 pm on Jun 10, 2009

last month. So now we're going on a food budget.

This should be interesting because one of the little "things" I do for myself after years and years of low income is to NOT limit myself when shopping for food. If I want an $8 jar of "Fru-Fru Sauce with Kumquats" I buy it. On the other hand, I'll buy a whole chicken and have Lar cut it up to avoid price gouging for boneless, skinless chicken breasts. You never lose that "somewhat poor" gene.

My cooking/baking has changed radically over the past 15 years (thanks to all the great recipes at epicurious, Gail's Swap and Finer Kitchens). I try new things almost every day, which means I buy a lot more food items and rarely make the same recipe. That will have to change.

One other twist is Larry likes meat protein. It's not <i>really</i> a meal if it doesn't have meat in it. This is the result of being the only son of a butcher man. So that will take a sizable $ chunk out of the budget. He'd also like to eat more fish...which is actually more expensive than red meat here. Go figure..we have an OCEAN 3 miles away.

I haven't a clue where to start. Guess make up a weekly menu?

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