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Another tip for no-crack cheesecake...

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Posted to Thread #1570 at 3:18 pm on Apr 25, 2006

Alice's method works well in part, I'm guessing, because it seems to encourage a slower cooling time for the cake (?). However I use another method that I think gives me really consistent results. I make the crust, let it cool, then brush melted butter on the insides of the pan above the crust and let that set for a few minutes. Then I pour in my batter and bake. Greasing the pan, before adding the batter (as opposed to before baking the crust), seems to foil the usual cake-to-pan surface tension that causes cracking. I simply turn off my oven when it's done, prop the door open (at least 4"), and let the cake cool in there before wrapping and chilling. Using this method I haven't had a cracked cheesecake in at least 5 years. I make them for home/gifts/holidays but also as wedding cakes, so I'm guessing I've tried this method at least a hundred times, and the results have been consistent for me.

Argh, now I'm craving cheesecake...

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