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What makes a good restaurant, a "good restaurant"?

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Posted to Thread #15723 at 10:49 pm on Aug 2, 2009

There has always been this nice restaurant in a nearby suburb ever since I can remember. Well, the owner got remarried a year ago and now his new wife is in charge of the menu, the cooks, the decor (apparently), etc. and she formerly ran a diner. Now it's more like a diner.

But I can't put my finger on why. There are booths in addition to tables; they're "nice", padded booths, but maybe that is part of it. They also took away the salad bar - one of the place's best features, claiming that salad bars were soon to be phased out in the county... uh, what? There are plenty of salad bars left here!

My fish was too thick and blah, the baked potato was waxy, the biscuits under the strawberry shortcake were hard.

The service was good, as always, but it just felt like a diner with diner food. Your thoughts on what makes a "good restaurant"?

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