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Yoo hoo, MarilynFL! I just finished watching the video GayR suggested on making genoise (I am

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Posted to Thread #15773 at 7:53 pm on Aug 6, 2009

into intensive genoise research at the moment because I plan to tackle it again next week). GayR's video was referenced up at post #15123.3 and thanks so much, GayR! It was a great video.

After I'd viewed the genoise video, I noticed there were several others so I scrolled through them and discovered one that was entitled "How to Make and Roll Out Pie Crust". The instructor did it all by hand, but you could easily adapt her pie crust making technique to your Cuisinart or even use the paddle attachment of a stand mixer if you prefer.

At any rate, the pie crust video was also good, and I thought of you with your FOPC. The instructor actually did a frissage which charlie so aptly described for us. She didn't call it a frissage technique, but that is precisely what she demo'ed.

I learned that adding a bit of lemon juice to your pie crust will help to prevent shrinkage! I'd never heard that before so look out quiche crust that gave me trouble a few weeks ago. ha!

Here's to us, MarilynFL--you with your FOPC and me with my current FOG (Fear of Genoise)!!! At least I'm finally past my FOC (Fear of Caramel). Smile.

Instructor for the video above was Julie Richardson, and here's that address:

I ran across a 2nd pie crust video at the same web site entitled "How to Roll Out Pie Dough". This one was given by Gina Marie Miraglia Eriquez==>

I was taught to roll pie dough only one way from the middle out, turn crust and again roll from the middle out, continuing this same process until your round is the proper size. Gina didn't roll her that way so maybe my method is outdated.

I also roll pie crust in between 2 sheets of wax paper so I don't accidentally work in too much flour. My mom always rolled her pie dough on a heavily floured board; her crusts were consistently perfect but I'm not good doing it that way.

Obviously there are lots of different methods, but I find it good to check them all so I can pick and choose what works best for me. Good luck!

Next week I will also face my nemesis of a key lime pie recipe (at Thread 14404) that you tried a while back and gave me such good counsel regarding. I'll be implementing your recommendations and will report back. FOKLP still haunting me!


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