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Anyone around that wants to give me a little jump start or inspiration in a

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very short time? I want to get my dinner kinda prepared and ready to go and want to start kinda soon. I have cooked chicken breasts and It's seems like I always go the same way and wonder how I can do something different. I want a casseroly type other words I make a cream type sauce with the usual cast of characters. Sauteed shallots, maybe mushrooms, wine or Sherry, butter, flour for thickening and milk/cream or sour cream and diced chicken/pork added in. I usually pour it over Linguine in a casserole dish, top with bread crumb type topping. Today I thought I would use extra wide egg noodles. That's what I had intended to do but it seems like I'm in such a rut. Delicious, but a rut. Anyone want to get me out? I have a pretty well stocked pantry, both dry and cold. Oh, and my oven will be the bbq grill.

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