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Posted to Thread #15836 at 10:39 pm on Aug 13, 2009

Yes, Julia did seem more mature but we were in those days. "Teen agers" were invented right after the war with Seventeen magazine. Before that you were a child till you graduated eighth grade or H.S. depending on your economic and social class and an adult after that, not this endless adolescence. I know the ending seemed anti-climatic but that was exactly how Julie ended the book. I would have loved to have seen the early TV shows but there are plenty of other Julia books which give this and could be made into films. I expect Julia's criticism of Julie was partly due to the language she used in her blogs. I'm so glad they didn't make sweet little Amy use that language. I'm several years younger than Julia was but I am often shocked at the crudeness and vulgarity of female comedians. We early feminists kind of expected that equality would not mean the lowest common denominator.

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