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Michael in Phoenix

I'm feeling a bit smug, and very pleased with myself tonight. I made a low fat chicken salad...

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Posted to Thread #16116 at 2:59 am on Sep 8, 2009

...for my son's lunch tomorrow using left over chicken from the Mexican Roadside Chicken Marsha posted.

A couple of years ago I found a cookbook in a thrift store by Paul Prudhommmmmme (rotund chef of "K-Paul's" fame) called "A Fork In The Road". He took a bunch of favorite recipes and converted them to low-fat and healthy dishes. I haven't made many of the recipes since his cajun cooking requires a capital investment of many thousands of dollars (kidding) in spices (his recipes often call for 12 to 15 herbs and spices), but one technique caught my eye.

He makes a turkey salad with a low-fat dressing made of non-fat cottage cheese, non-fat cream cheese, evaporated milk and non-fat mayo. It sounds somewhat gross, but by the time he gets through adding his litany of herbs and spices it sounded pretty good.

I took the above mentioned non-fat ingredients and put them in a food processor. I kept adding acids and spices (including curry) until I had killed the weird sweetness of the non-fat mayo and cream cheese, and ended up with a really good curry-mayo type dressing for the chicken. It tasted great.

If I ever get a recipe down pat, I'll pass it along. I just had to share my joy!


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