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I wish I had more time to pop in at this unusually

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Posted to Thread #16159 at 9:03 pm on Sep 12, 2009

friendly food forum, everyone is extremely kind, considerate and caring.

I accidently came across these photos Randi and Don years ago graciously hosted on their ISP and thought everyone would like to see them; I'm just sorry both their lives ended abruptly.

I'm kept very busy with my website as well as dealing with many health issues my husband has developed, i.e. numerous food allergies, it's hard to come up with foods he can tolerate. We cancelled out of a gourmet dinner club I formed. He has congestive heart failure, rheumatoid polymyalgia arthritis, intestinal digestive problems, multiple pills (with many side effects), hospital stays most every month, doctor appointments with different specialists constantly... the list gets bigger. I am happy to report things have eased up just a tad the past two days due to yet another new med... :)

Thanks again for your encouragement regarding my website, I needed that.

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