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Marsha tbay

I received 2 nice compliment s...a lady told me my house was the first one with cats she'd

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been in that didn't smell like a cat litter box.

One other time a friend of my husband's asked me to take care of his cats in his home while he was gone for several days. He couldn't get over it when he got home how clean the box was. He said he never experienced that before and couldn't get over how clean it was. He acted like he was in shock.

I don't mind cleaning the box. Every time I think of me having to go in a dirty box it motivates me.

I always tease my husband...he never liked cats before we were married over 40 years he loves them. I tell him God likes cats better because he created a larger variety of house cats and wild cats....the wild cats are different patterns, also some run faster, some jump higher, some like water...same with domestics

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