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Use slices as the pork in a Cuban Sandwich. Put pork, ham, swiss cheese, dill pickle slices

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and yellow mustard on a bolillo or other french-type roll. The order is significant because it affects the flavor.

Slice the bread open face so that both halves are still barely connected and spread mustard on both halves. Add the ham, and then the roasted pork.

Add your Swiss cheese and then a few pickle slices.

Make sure to brush some softened butter on the outside of the bread. Place the sandwich in a Cuban sandwich press and press down until the cheese is melted and the bread is slightly hard to the touch.

You can also place the sandwich in a hot skillet and press down on it with a heavy kitchen object, maybe a baking pan (some use a brick wrapped in tin foil when nothing else is available.)

When finished, slice the sandwich diagonally across the middle so that you have two triangle shaped wedges

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