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Cupcake Camp sounds cute. Take pictures!! My Saturday Six

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Posted to Thread #16368 at 2:02 am on Oct 4, 2009

- Finally found some Silver Queen corn (end of the season, and it's been hard to find this year). Love the sweet, white kernels

- I went to pick more crabapples to make cranberry jelly, and came away with a bee sting on the inside of my ring finger - seems he and I chose the same apple at the same time

- On the way back, I stopped at a locally popular vegetable/fruit shop. It's an experience... pumpkins, apples, fudge, freshly made donut smell, cheese, you name it. And over 1000 jars (must be!) of jelly, jam, and pickles. Three roomfulls of them! I had to buy one - sweet onion and pepper relish.

- An apple pie is on the to-do list for this weekend

- I think I have enough pie pumpkins. DH asked why I was hoarding pumpkins. Must get going on deciding on what I want to make with them (other than pie - will make that too).

- Mowed the lawn again today - hopefully the last time until spring. Geesh, it never seems so big as when I'm mowing it.

How did the fool *get* his money?!

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