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A Revision..... and a goofy story....

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Posted to Thread #16368 at 8:45 am on Oct 4, 2009

My sore throat is worse. Now I sound like Morgan Freeman with a cold.

So I canceled the Opera. The funny thing was that my mom's friend, who invited me, didn't believe it was me on the phone. She kept saying, "But you don't sound like the Heather I know". Well, yeah, I'm sick! I'm not sure how to react to that. Honestly I was hoping for a "there, there, Heather, feel better" or something but not outright disbelief it was me.

So I *had* to go to the bank to deposit items for the rent check, and stopped in to the grocery store to buy a chicken, and root beer, and vanilla ice cream.

Once I got home I stuffed the chicken and a few hacked up veggies into the crock pot, plugged it in and took a 4 hr nap. Then, I realized the Roost didn't smell like chicken yet (am I really that sick??). Well, I hadn't turned on the darn thing. But the chicken was icy cold and so was the ceramic crock pot so I turned it on and returned to bed.

An hour later, still no chicken smell, I thought I should give it a stir or something. I had turned it to "warm". DOH!

Sooooo, I decided to just flip it to high and cook the bejesus out of it and decide what to do in the morning. Sigh.

Now, this is a perfect illustration why we are supposed to have someone to look after us when we are under the weather. Darn cat, he's so useless...

The sad part is that there will be no cupcake camp for me tomorrow. :-9 waaa.

To end on a happy note, I had a rootbeer float for dinner and it really felt good on my throat. Again, thanks Pat!

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