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I strongly disagree it was "all ads" or recipes were "too complicated". Under Reichl especially

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Posted to Thread #16382 at 10:46 pm on Oct 5, 2009

they did a lot of "weeknight" quick, easy yet tasty meals, as well as simplified complicated classic dishes such as Gourmet. And also under Reichl, I appreciated the move toward articles about food awareness and food politics. These are important issues today that we cannot ignore, and other food magazines do not cover that ground.

Most of what I cook comes (came) from Gourmet, weeknight meals as well as dinner-party fare. It introduced me to a lot of things I wouldn't otherwise have tried -- and certainly wouldn't go online to discover.

So there were articles on pricey restaurants we'd never go to? Fine. (Enough people *do* go to them.) There was also the Sterns' long-running monthly column on diners across America. That kinda covers the spectrum, doesn't it?

I suppose it's one more reflection of everyone wanting everything online, right now, not having time to sit down with a magazine (or a book). Personally I'd much rather leaf through a magazine and flag recipes to make than troll through websites and blogs, then hook up the printer, put paper in it, print out a recipe, and then disconnect everything. But maybe I'm a dinosaur. At least I have 15 years' worth of issues to rediscover.

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