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What I did on my summer vacation--The Ghost in the Pantry: Culinary Travels through Four Generations

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Posted to Thread #16396 at 2:49 am on Oct 7, 2009 finally up on the DailyLit site. :)

A recap: soooooo, when we moved to New York and I was frantically looking for a job in publishing, I happened upon the DailyLit people, who offer titles online and were looking for externs. Over the summer, I sifted through piles of my husband's family recipes, and my own family's, and what came out of that was this attempt to grab recipes and vignettes that would otherwise be dust. As some of you know, I've been testing and playing with the recipes (and writing lots and lots of HTML) for the last few months, with tasty results!

I hate posting rah-rah stuff like this, but a bunch of you asked to be alerted (for which I'm eternally grateful), so here's my big news that the cookbook is finally online, live, shiny, and ready for readers!

Like all DailyLit titles, this is delivered in installments--you sign up, and they send you a small dose of Czech and American cooking at an hour you appoint, right to your email address. If you happen to read email on your phone, then, hey voila, you can wander the aisles of your market and nab ingredients for anything that interests you. :)

In any case, if you sign up for it, I'd love to hear your feedback, of course!

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Link: The Ghost in the Pantry

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