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Many years ago, in our old house, the local school had bake sales. . .

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When we moved I eagerly awaited the nights when a bake sale could be held; you know, like a back to school night. No bake sale. Some baked goods were sold, but they were commercial pies that one of the parents was able to get at a discount from the manufacturer! NO bake sale! I asked around and it came out that no one wanted to organize a bake sale (including me!) but what it boiled down to is that a bake sale would be organized, but all too much of the stuff was not home baked; people would run to the local store, buy a box of cookies/pie/cake from the store's bakery and then drop it off to be re-sold.

I have seen this over and over again; I think I was just about the only parent to supply home baked snacks for my kids' various soccer teams and school functions and more than once my kids were nearly the only ones to bring home-cooked food of any sort to a school party/function. I will say that when competing against a lot of store-bought stuff, my cookies/brownies/biscuits/salsa/crockpot food disappeared way before the others.

So sad but true, at least in my area of the country: citified, suburbanized, outskirts of the greater metropolitan Los Angeles area.

I teach food classes in San Bernardino and geeze, some of our audience think we are just about gods with feet of stewing pots. I actually had someone complement me on my "knife skills."

A Proud "Master Food Preserver San Bernardino County" since 1996!

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