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Sandi in Hawaii

Let's see - I'll play today....

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Posted to Thread #16427 at 3:53 am on Oct 11, 2009

1) I'm simmering smoked ham hocks for a stock for Portuguese Bean Soup, even though it's probably 90 outside.

2) I just had a frozen brownie - the King Arthur On the Fence brownies. I think I like them better frozen than fresh! I wonder what other food you can say that about :)

3) I found some Honey Crisp apples at the store for the first time this season. Had to buy some, even at $2.99 a pound.

4) Got two homegrown local avocados ripening on the counter. These are HUGE - one is 1 lb 13 oz., the other is 1 lb 4 oz. I love having friends with avocado trees!

5) Bought some truffle salt at Williams-Sonoma today. O.M.G. Crazy expensive, but sooooooo worth it!!!

6) I'm dying for a slice of homemade apple pie, but it's too hot to bake here. The trade winds were supposed to come back today (it's been gone for the last week), but it didn't. Sure hope it comes tomorrow to cool us off so I can bake!

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