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Another factor to consider when deciding between frost-free and manual defrost is...

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Posted to Thread #17308 at 4:37 pm on Dec 29, 2009 long you plan to keep food frozen.

If you tend to keep food for many months, you are better off with a manual defrost. It keeps a constant temperature, and if you keep the door seal intact and the door closed so humidity doesn't cause a bunch of ice to form, you may not have to defrost it more than once a year.

Frost-free freezers are designed to cycle on and off, allowing the frost to melt away on its own and drain out the bottom pan a little at a time. It doesn't wait until there's a big build-up of ice. It cycles hot/cold fairly often. This also reduces the shelf life of the food in the freezer (as opposed to a manual freezer with a constant freeze).

If you use your frozen foods on a regular basis and rotate your stock properly, a frost-free is a nice convenience. If you tend to let food sit in the freezer for months before being used, you might want to consider a manual.


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