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Non-emulsified mayonnaise sits mocking me on the counter. What can I do with 3 egg yolks blended

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with 1 cup of vegetable oil?

I was wondering if a carrot cake might work? I'd thought "aha! zucchini bread" first, but had to garbage-disposal'd the two "no longer with us" zucchini found in the veggie bin.

I just hate wasting ingredients like this.

Here's the whole sordid story: I wanted to make cheezz's cucumber sandwiches AND make Dawn_MO "spicy chicken salad" to use up the last of the Christmas turkey breast.

Both use mayo, but I had no mayo. So I thought I'd whip up some. But I had no eggs because I'd just made 6 jars of Meyer's lemon curd 2 hours earlier and had used up every single egg.

So we ran down to the grocery store to pick up red onion, celery, mayo and eggs. When we got there, I went into sticker shock because the mayo was $5.99 a jar! So I mocked that and told Larry I would just whip up some mayo at home with the eggs we just bought. I only needed one or two eggs

Got home, got out the mini-food processor, looked online for a recipe and found one that used peanut oil and veggie oil. I whipped up a 2 egg batch and it emulsified perfectly. Tasted it and oh, yuk! the peanut oil had a stale taste to it. Dumped out that entire batch and started again. 2 egg yolks...200 ml straight veggie oil, 1/2 tsp dijon...and I ended with liquid! No an emulsified molecule in sight!!!

That's when I tried to add another yolk but it broke into the container of eggwhites, so I got out yet ANOTHER egg yolk and tried to thicken it, but no go. It still wouldn't thicken. [Are you doing the math with me so far? That 6 eggs and 400 ml of oil wasted so far].

So I dumped that into a container in the hopes of saving it for another recipe and tried for the THIRD time. Added the oil one mini drizzle at a time and it sort-of looked kindof broken, but tasted okay and by then Larry was getting a little scared at my ranting and I just wanted to eat, dang it!

Let's stop and do a little recalculation: 8 eggs at $2.40 a dozen...that's $1.60 for the eggs. 600 ml of oil (that's about 3 cups or 24 oz, give or take. $4.99 for 48 oz means $2.50 for the oil. Plus the .79 cent lemon...almost $5 on this mayo that I mocked...mocked, I tell you, for costing $5.99 at the store and that contained enough mayonnaise to make a vat of chicken salad.

So now I'm trying to cover my loses and do something with the 3 egg yolks and 1 cup of veggie oil mixture I got in the frig.

By the way, the cucumber sandwiches and chicken salad were delicious! We had them--open-faced, of course, on bread with the crusts cut off--with a pot of English tea while watching <i>84 Charing Cross Road</i>, a lovely story about book lovers and letters sent between NYC and London's book district on Charing Cross.

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