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Sadly I have 2 cell phones too...but I'm not happy about it

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Posted to Thread #17325 at 3:10 am on Dec 31, 2009

I have my Blackberry for work but use it mostly for email because and the phone coverage/clarity is so awful in my area with the provider they use (AT&T) so I kept my personal Verizon phone as well so I have something to talk on where I can actually hear the other person. (I refuse to get an iPhone as long as they are still married to AT&T.)

My SIL is ALL about the texting and of course all the kids in the famliy as well. I could not believe my SIL got her 9 yr old a cell phone. I mean omg, he is 9! But then again that SIL and BIL will text each other while sitting in the same room. Yes really...sigh.

I'm not a huge fan of texting. They all think I'm so not "with it" enough because of this. I told them if they had to live on email and IM like I do for work they would't want to spend all their off hours glued to this stuff either. Oh and I won't do Facebook either. Not can't, won't. This of course makes me the equiv of older than dirt, lol.

Technology is great but taking the crack outta crackberry is a better thing as far as I'm concerned. And I must not be too bad because I have friends kids that want to stick around at the grown-up parties; they hang out with us because "you are all (us grown-ups) so much fun." So guess maybe we're still cool after all. :-)

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