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I feel your pain, missy. It's driving me crazy hearing ads now saying "Are your appliances

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Posted to Thread #17608 at 3:47 pm on Feb 4, 2010

8 years old! Why keep OLD appliances!"

That's just crazy. I always thought good quality household appliances were supposed to last 15-20 years. It seems like they are just making them cheaper. And you certainly can't repair them cheaply.

On a much happier note, I took the back off my oven, expecting to see the thermal cut-off device hooked up to two wire...LIKE IT SHOWS IN THE PICTURE!!!!

But no, it wasn't there and I would have had to take two more levels of backing off to get to something that I wasn't even sure was there.

So I pushed the stove back, bi*ched to poor Larry, and turned the stove on to confirm I'd not messed up the top panel, which had still been working fine.

And the oven came on! Larry pointed it out and I said "ya, the top part of the stove was always working." And he said, "But look, the heating elements in the oven are getting red."

So YAH! I'm not sure what happened. Maybe pulling the plug out of the wall reset something because it wasn't working since I did the autoclean and now it is.

And I'm never using the autoclean again.
To quote aajay, it's "agin nature".

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