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Here are some I'd do:

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I would also recommend a good basic cookbook such as Doubleday that has an extensive glossary & "how to" section. I find that many novice cooks have no idea what lots of cooking terms mean.

How to deeply brown a roast or chunks of meat - that will cover both pot roast and lots of stew, soups and braises. I think novices would be afraid that they are burning things or put too much meat in the pan & stew instead of carmelizing.

How to make a really basic recipe of old fashioned soft white rolls - everyone loves them and you feel like you're showing off. They are easy and that recipe can be built on to make fancier rolls or in the case of refrigerator dough it is sweet enough to expand on making a few easy sweet rolls.

A basic roux white sauce is a good foundation for lots of things and the technique also applies to gravies and even gumbo.

How to measure different things.

How to bake a good potato-no foil.

How to cook eggs different ways.

How to make a basic red/marinara sauce. It's almost as fast as opening a jar and so much better.

Good larder basics to have on hand and ideas of quick/easy things that can be done with them.

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