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Weekend six

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Posted to Thread #18059 at 4:19 pm on Apr 10, 2010

We had a good weekend with the return of my eldest grandson. He was in Thailand on Safari with his mom, her husband and brother when he was bitten by a huge 10 month old tiger in a
petting room. He had 5 stitches in his neck and
then underwent a series of rabies shots.
We had an unsettling 10 days and I went with my son to the airport cause I had to feel him and see him myself. He is fine, still has one shot to get (one we got on the way home from the airport) and still wants to pet tigers. NOT LIKELY. He said that the tiger just wanted to play with him.
So on duty with my youngest grandchild for the rest of the day, I made an easy dinner for all of us- chicken schnitzel, leek patties and bought tons of salads - tabouleh, humus, tehina, sabiah (chick peas), a few types of eggplants, mejaddarah and white rice for some of the kids, and a huge pita baked with zataar leaves.
Thankfully, I did have a fair sized piece of cake with colorful frosting in the freezer so the kids were pleased. The grown ups (and kids) had strawberries and whipped cream.
Early morning wakeup with the little one so
we just hung around today.
I am about to finish up the whipped cream with
some more strawberries.
Next weekend I will have to actually cook.

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