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Steve2 in LA

I use a 30 year-old Taylor & Ng rolled steel wok, seasoned in a house fire, 20 years ago.

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Posted to Thread #18096 at 2:24 am on Apr 21, 2010

It's black as pitch and with the new cooktop, I just set it in the ring and blast away. Food actually fries instead of boiling.

I used to demonstrate Taylor & Ngs, way back when and there's nothing quite as effective as a well seasoned, rolled steel, 14-16" wok.

Problem with non-stick and electric woks is they simply can't tolerate the heat necessary to stir-fry properly. If you have a turkey fryer, try placing a rolled steel wok in the burner ring and fire it up. You'll stir fry like never before and you'll see what I mean.

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