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I have to disagree -I prefer Hershey's over both Nestle and Ghirardelli for natural cocoa powder,

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although none of them are outstanding. I also am not too impressed with Penzey's natural or Dutched - I found them both pretty mild.

For Dutched, I think Droste and Callebaut are much better than Penzey's, but my absolute favorite right now is El Rey. It is unbelievable - the best cocoa powder I've ever tasted - it's so, so, so deep chocolatey and rich. I tried some Chocolate Muffins with both Droste (which has always been my favorite, with Callebaut a very close second), and with El Rey. I tasted them side by side, and what a difference! I was really amazed. Up until now, I was very happy with Droste, and still think it's excellent, but once I tried El Rey, that was it!!!! It's the king! I also tested my lowfat creamy chocolate pudding with El Rey, which I've made countless times, and it was unreal - doubly intense and rich! I can't wait to make my husband's birthday cake with it in May.

P.S. I can't believe how dumb they are at Whole Foods - They never heard of Dutch processed cocoa powder???!

A balanced diet is equal parts of milk and dark chocolate.

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