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You got that right. Teaching a cooking class now & again makes me realize how fortunate

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Posted to Thread #18104 at 8:41 pm on Apr 23, 2010

I was to have a mother who had good "cooking from scratch" skills plus I took cooking in 4-H when I was a kid. It is amazing how much a person is supposed to know that a recipe doesn't necessarily explain.

That reminds me of another time when I took a frosted layer cake into the office, and one of my colleagues asked me for the recipe. (It was for an old Betty Crocker cookbook and was called a Bonnie Butter Cake.) Anyhow, Sandy told me a couple weeks later that she'd made my cake, and it had come out dry, and nobody in her family had liked it. I assumed she'd probably overbaked it, but she insisted that had not happened.

After many more inquiries from me, I finally figured out that when the recipe had said to grease & flour the cake pans, she had applied Crisco appropriately, then had dumped flour into both pans and rotated the pans so that flour covered all bottoms & sides, but she HAD NOT tapped the excess flour out of her pans! From what she told me, I guesstimated her cake had at least 1/2 cup of additional AP flour in it! But in her defense, the recipe didn't say to dump out the extra flour after the greasing & flouring procedure was completed. You are just supposed to KNOW you need to do that!

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