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My Weekend Six

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Posted to Thread #18196 at 6:53 am on May 8, 2010

1. I woke up early today so I'm making chestnut chocolate chip muffins. I've had this bag of chestnut flour sitting in my fridge for ages, and I finally found out what to do with it. I hope they'll taste as good as the picture in the recipe looked.

2. It's my birthday today. I wonder what DH got for me...(He's still asleep).

3. My nephew's 6th birthday was yesterday, and he's celebrating today. Dinner will be hot dogs (vegetarian hot dogs for me). Yay! :-D

4. We had a minor chrisis this week. My bathroom weight broke down. It sure is comfortable not to have a weight in the bathroom, but I realized I like to be in control. DH bought us a new one yesterday, one that measures body fat and BMI. Spent an hour trying to install all my numbers in that sucker. Decided at the end - at the point where I almost threw the darned thing out the window - that I really don't care about body fat and that the number of pounds will do. (Don't you just hate gadgets that have so many installments that it takes all the user friendliness out?)

4. I tried vegetarian bacon for the first time last night (I made Spagetti Carbonara for DH). I baked it in the oven - same thing I do with regular bacon - and the veggie bacon came so close to cardboard paper as it is possible to come, without being actual cardboard. I read later on the package that you are supposed to fry it in a pan. I will have to try that and see if it works better.

5. The plants in my greenhouse is thriving. I look forward to getting my own tomatos :-)

6. The sky is blue and the sun is shining today, and it's upposed to be warm and nice all day so I'm taking DH and the dogs for a walk in the woods behind our house later today. i have found this path that takes me one hour, and it takes me up to this view point where I can see the entire valley. It's beautiful up there, and I plan on bringing some coffee and chestnut chocolate muffins for us. After all, it's my birthday too :-)

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