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MY weekend six

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Posted to Thread #18196 at 4:20 am on May 9, 2010

Birthday parties for my 3 yr. old grandson.ON Thursday night baked 3 cakes - 1 for kindergarten and 2 for construction of a Dora adventure for the big party on Friday afternoon.
MY son said - Mom, we will come and get the kindergarten cake and save you the trip. We will be in the city for the evening and just come in late after you guys are asleep and take the cake. Great I said and finished the elephant cake immediately, leaving the other 2 in the fridge so the frosting spreads better.!.
Woke up 5.30 am on Fri. to start the decoration and found the elephant cake on the table, the undecorated cake from the fridge gone!!

While waiting till 7 to go and get the cake (they have an alarm), made a zucchini and rice casserole for the party.
At seven made the trip (15 minutes one way, 30 back) to get the cake and brought them the casserole.
Finally got the cake decorated.
Rushed to the printer's to pick up the children's book I wrote for my 3 yr. old grandson. (I have done one for each of the grandchildren)
Rushed over to my daughter's where I am babysitting the kids in her absence and got them dressed for the party. Back to get DH and off to the party.
And that was enough for the rest of the weekend!!

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