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Weekend Six

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Posted to Thread #18226 at 3:10 pm on May 16, 2010

I had a few hours to myself yesterday, so lunch was popcorn, a leftover artichoke, and diet Coke while watching a marathon of Lost episodes before the big finale coming up (sniff, sniff).

But before that, almost burned the house down yesterday when I pressed "potato" instead of "popcorn" on the new microwave. 'Turned my back for a seconds and brown smoke was billowing out of the back of the microwave and filled the kitchen - oh yikes.

I, too, have the "don't want to cook" blues but yet I find myself in the kitchen a lot, puttering, to avoid doing other things. What's with that.

Gotta weed out the herb garden and start again this year - nothing but lemon balm, chives, and mint (which you can't kill) are left in there.

I think I'll make nlb's chicken casserole for dinner tonight and see if I can burn the kitchen down the right way, today ;o) and I have to make a big tin of macaroni and cheese for a church event this week, so I'll have to do some cooking today.

Putting together a BBQ basket for a raffle this week. Any non-food item suggestions would be appreciated. I have - mitts, tongs, towel, wooden plank, tablecloth, charcoal, apron, ice pack thingies, sunblock, cookbook, Off, and a couple of backyard games... a few food items too - anything else to round it out?

How did the fool *get* his money?!

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