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Thanks Dad, I had a scary one several years ago. It was a super hot summer in Seattle ('04) was

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in the shipyard getting a vessel ready for a job. In the yard many things aren't working and the AC wasn't.
Put in 14 hours or so, went to my stateroom, was only person on ship at the time.
Getting ready to shower and started to have chills and fever. First thought was, can not get sick now!!!!
Well some little voice was saying,"drink water dummy". I grabbed a gallon of water and proceeded to drink most of it. Feel asleep for 6-8 hours, did not wake up for anything!!!
Fine in the morning.
When working in the galley, keep a bottle there to remind me--glasses get knocked over.
One of my few line cook jobs, the bus people were told to make sure cooks always had a full pitcher of water.
This part is gross, sorry, but after a shift there one's shirt was stiff from the salt-ICK.

Drink up everyone,

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