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My Weekend Six

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Posted to Thread #18252 at 10:07 pm on May 23, 2010

1. Today is my last day at my summer house before I go back home. I haven't cooked for ten days (making my morning cereal doesn't count as cooking, does it?)

2. We went to this very unusual restaurant yesterday. They served French Flambees, which I have never heard of before. It was almost like a pizza, but with a very thin bottom, and the filling/sauce were only made of creme fraiche with herbs and onion. Then she added ham (for DH) and chopped green olives for me as a topping. It tasted great, and we are definitely going back there again some time. She said that this dish is little known outside of the Straasbourg area, but I'm definitely looking into this once I'm back home.

3. I went bananas at my local mustard place (a local farmer here makes his own mustard and sells it at his farm) and bought too much mustard (my mom taught me to buy one in every color when I found something I like. Does that qualify for mustards too?) I desperately need recipes that uses mustard now, or I will have to consider selling some of it on the black market. Is that illegal, btw? *LOL*

4. There is a cafe here that offers cake buffets and a can of coffee for only $10. It's the work of evil. Really, it is.

5. There is also a chocolatiere only two miles from my house. The cafe and the chocolatiere does nothing for my weight. Or rather, they do a lot! *LOL*

6. I think the restaurants here have become better at offering vegetarian options. I have been able to eat vegetarian the entire week ( actually for the 10 days) we have been here. Not only have they put a vegetarian dish on their menu, the vegetarian options have really been great. Great as in a culinary experience. I can't wait to go back here in six weeks (when my summer holiday starts) to explore some more.

7. I found a great French brie at a cheese store here that has garlic and herbs mixed in. It tastes awesome! It's from Réverénd, which is a mainstreen cheese company if I'm not mistaken. This cheese was really good. If you can find it in your store, I hope you'll try it.

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