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Thanks all, but seriously...

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Posted to Thread #18284 at 12:05 am on Jun 5, 2010

I wasn't trying to turn this into the Richard "I get no respect" pity party. Many have posted recipes that go unnoted. I only used the Egyptian recipes as an example. I, as have many others, have posted many things that have gone unnoticed. In particular, the Egypt menu was cited because it represented hours of research at the library, hours of reading, hours of cooking and testing. It was something that I thought would spark the creative juices of home cooks looking for something different (and by the way, that menu is absolutely delicious)--that kind of thing really sparks my interest. This opposed to recipes that are posted because they look good, but haven't been tested. And please don't get me wrong, there is certainly merit in that as I see wonderful recipes and get very excited about trying them, and those need to be shared as well.

There was even a thread awhile back where people were asked to post again recipes that had no response that the poster felt were sublime creations. There were a lot of posts! So this is not new.

This is not a judgement on anyone. We all cannot post or comment on every recipe posted. Or MAKE every recipe posted. That would be insanity. But it just seems lately that things here have become sort of blase.

And with that, I take my share of the blame. I am simply not cooking the way I used to with the full blown stockpots simmering and re-creating the menus of a European court table without the staff to do it. It's exhausting and in the end, really, no one these days really appreciates the effort.

One of the things that I continue to marvel at is the boxes, cans, and mixes school of what is now passing as "scratch" cooking. It is not and I simply cannot abide it. I grew up eating the produce of the farm with strong women who processed it into wonderful meals that I nostalgically remember now. And I still, even though I have to shop at grocery stores for the bulk of my ingredients, run a "scratch" kitchen, no matter what I'm cooking. I simply do not buy processed food. If I want a cake, it is made with flour, sugar, eggs, butter and other ingredients. It never ever comes from a box with some water and oil added. But always, someone at work has made a "homemade" cake, and I "have to try it" because they know what a food snob I am, and therefor I need to put my stamp of approval on it. The first bite: The bitter taste of all those chemicals from a mix. Because I do not allow those processed foods in my kitchen, when I taste them, and all the chemical additives, they are really disgusting to me.

What does one do in all this mediocrity?

When did making a box cake mix become scratch home cooking?

I am an anachronism, I know it. But I eat good, healthy, whole foods that I buy in original form. I still work, come home and have to make dinner, and I still do a fine job at it. Usually these days that involves a lot of help from weekend leftovers, but there is always freshly prepared vegetables and salads that didn't come from a can or bag. These days, it even means I'm going to my garden to cut lettuce for salad and vegetables. My dinners are still on the table in the length of time that someone opening those cans and bags requires.

But that's just me.

Maybe we should ressurrect the thread for everyone to post recipes they thought were wonderful that got no nibbles. The last time it proved very enlightening.

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