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Any suggestions please for flavouring and or stuffing spit roasts....

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Posted to Thread #18701 at 7:17 pm on Jul 30, 2010

My DD is planing her wedding (early next year) and is very keen on a hog roast and a spit roast lamb. Now here on island we have no one I know of who does this commercially.

In England there are travelling hog spit-roast specialists who go to the horse shows / farmers markets. These are utterly delicious. Sometimes, I think, it is all I go to horse shows for :)

I am not in the UK and wont be before the wedding so cant ask questions from anyone.

We did a spit-roast lamb back in Africa on a few occassions which were very good but whilest we were cruising we met up with some French sailors who would hold a lamb spit-roast for us all at a couple of the anchorages when we would meet up again. Boy, were they good.
These lambs were stuffed with couscous and ??? perhaps various coloured peppers and spices that I think were quite Moroccan. Of course lighting was limited at these out of the way spots, real picnic style.

I have approached the French caterer we will use with these ideas here on island and he has asked me to find the flavours we would like for both the pig and the lamb.
He has also said he would look into building a spit to accomodate this...(he winked and said it could become a (special)business for him.

All my daughter wants is apple sauce with the pig!.The rest she has asked me to find...

ANY suggestions welcome. TIA

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