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My weekend six

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Posted to Thread #18711 at 3:50 pm on Aug 1, 2010

I actually went out Fri. morning to purchase some stuff from the greengrocer and dragged myself back hardly breathing from the heat. There were heat warnings up for the weekend it was so bad and requests from the electric co. not to use stuff from 12-5 pm

Made deep dish plum pie from a recipe and picture that I have been looking at for years.
It was as good as it looked! Going to finish off the pan right after this post.
Made an easy meat and spinach dish that took no time at all and was yummy.
Made caprese salad for starters and for granddaughter who loves it. Got some good bufalo - too.
Then panicked that there wasn\t enough and so made corn soup.
Finished cooking now for a few days!!
The heat just broke today - it's still very hot but one can breathe.

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