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My weekend six

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Posted to Thread #18711 at 4:30 pm on Aug 1, 2010

1. I am thinking about making the popular blueberry bars only with frozen raspberries that I need to use up.
2. I think I am going to make some fried rice for dinner. Use some of the bacon and add some shrimp.
3. Surprised my son with a Lego board game set. I went to Target and got a few things. I brought in two bags and asked him to put the root beer in the garage fridge. He let out a big sigh (he isn't feeling up to par today). I propped the Lego box against the root beer in the trunk. He came in the house all smiles. Yay!
4. I have a lot of bread, cheese and eggs leftover from the FM, I think some breakfast stratas are in order. Can they be frozen?
5. I need to use up some pork and beef stew meat today. I can't really think of anything that would use both at the same time. Oooh, I just remembered a goulash recipe that calls for either meat. I also have two green peppers to use up and can serve it over my little new potatoes; dinner tomorrow night.
6. I have been drinking my water out of a wide-mouth quart canning jar with a plastic lid on it. I fill it up with ice then water. It stays really cold for a long time and I am drinking a lot more water because it is ice cold.

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